About Fluid RX

Developed over 10 years ago, our vehicle inspection kits by FluidRx.com are the best in the industry. In fact they are the only kits in the industry. We are the basic manufacture and we private brand most if not all of our kits for our customers. These kits help determine fluid services that are needed. Our tests do not include the old method of chromatographic (blotter) test paper which is not a chemical test but, at best, is only a color test. Our chemically treated test strips are based on technology that is commonly used in the industry. 

Our vehicle inspection kits are the only Full Service kits on the market that test ALL Fluids/Systems of the vehicle using test strips. The test results show the actual condition of a vehicle’s fluids - including motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluids and antifreeze coolant.  These kits even Have an inspection for Tires, Brakes, Battery, Fuel injection, Under hood and Under vehicle.  It is the most comprehensive kit and covers all needed services. Our test strips provide a visual indication by chemical reaction of the condition of the vehicle’s fluids. The kits are private branded and customized to include inspection, educational and marketing information to support your sales effort.

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in Vehicle Fluid Testing

Our technology is designed for all fluids that meet or exceed OE Manufacturer's. The tests are compliant with ASTM, MAP, SAE standards, and provide the equivalent of a Level 1 laboratory analysis for the service provider and owner. These simple yet effective test strips help interact with customers an lend a straight forward method of actual fluid conditions. They work hand in hand with the manufacturer’s time/mileage recommendations. Thousands of service shops utilized our products and our 2 in 1 kit full service kit is getting a $70 ROI